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Introducing USANA® Health Sciences

Thanks to Jeremy and Pam Wisner who have raised money for us with USANA

USANA provide high quality health and skin products worldwide. Jeremy and Pam had kindly set their business up so that for every USANA product they sold CMaD earned a good commision.
Please email Jeremy at to learn more.

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  • This is how near we are to our £50,000 target


After many years of support a change in Amazon's terms and conditions means that we can no longer use their affiliate program to raise money for charity. (It is refered to as incentivised clicking, which means that you are clicking as much to raise money as to buy from Amazon.) This reflects a very recent change in Amazon's terms and conditions and we of course accept it and thank them for all the money they have helped use raise in the past. Please keep supporting Amazon. As our main contributor the amount we raise will now reduce by over 90% but please use our other links where ever possible. As always thank you for your support and God bless. Steve and Hannah

The idea is very simple

How this site works

Just click on any of the web shop names (i.e. eBay) or web shop images above to be taken to their site and if you make a purchase you'll raise money. It really is that easy and it won't cost you a penny more than normal.

How does it work?

It works because each of the links is programmed to tell the web shop that you have arrived via this website, then that shop pays us a percentage of your purchase price which we pass on in full to:


Meal-A-Day gives aid to lessen the effects of hunger, disease, disability, destitution and homelessness in less fortunate countries.

How much will my purchase raise?

It really depends on how many people click through via the Click and Raise website. The more traffic we send the higher the percentage. As a base guide about 5% of your purchase.

How much goes to charity?

Every penny that you raise by clicking through from this page will go to Meal-a-Day. The site is hosted for free by www.websiteexpert.co.uk

Who are Click and Raise?

Click and Raise are Steve & Hannah Wilson. Most of the people using this site will know us or have been recommended by someone who knows us to be honest and trustworthy. All the agreements with the shops are with us. Click link at the bottom of page to contact us.

Is it ethical?

Yes. Web shops reward sites like Click and Raise because they know in the long run it increases their sales and profit. This is how the internet is developing and companies like eBay pay out millions each year to sites such as ours.

Is it anonymous?

Yes. Although we can see how many items are being purchased and how much is being raised at no time do we know who has made the purchase.

God bless and please pass on our site address. www.clickandraise.com